Ditch Heavy Detergent Bottles: This Laundry Solution Saves You Space, Time, & Hassles

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  • Dehydrated Eco-Alternative to Bulky Liquid Laundry Detergent
  • Sustainable Laundry Solution
  • No Phosphates or Parabens
  • Bleach-Free + Dye-Free
  • Compact + Lightweight (Saves Space)
  • Cleans Just As Well As Store-Bought Detergent
  • 1 Strip = 1 Load (No Measuring, No Mess)
  • Works in any Washer: Top-load, Front-load, High-Efficiency
  • Compostable Packaging
  • Cruelty-Free

What is Earthwash?

Earthwash Laundry Sheets are nano-dehydrated detergent in a compact strip form. Each sheet dissolves in water in just a few seconds to give your clothes a thorough clean.

Earthwash’s concentrated formula effectively breaks up tough stains without the add-on ingredients that make liquid detergents so heavy and bulky.

Earthwash is Tough on Stains

Don’t be fooled by Eartwash’s compact cleaning power. Even though it’s convenient and easy to use, it sacrifices zero cleaning power. One sheet contains all the powerful ingredients you need to get your clothes feeling and smelling “as good as new.”

Earthwash’s brand new formula was designed to keep your white clothes looking bright and all your colors vibrant! Don’t worry about the fading and wearing down of your clothes like other detergents might do.

With Earthwash, you get all the cleaning power without the wasted time, space or hassles!

Earthwash: 1 Sheet = 1 Load

When using liquid detergent, you have to lift, pour, and measure the liquid. Plus, you could spill it all over your laundry room floor.

Earthwash’s premeasured sheets take these annoyances out of the picture. Just throw in 1 strip into the washer with your clothes, run your regular cycle, and enjoy ultra-clean clothes!

Lightweight. Compact.

Forget bulky and heavy jugs that are a pain to carry around.

Each box of Earthwash’s liquidless detergent strips can comfortably fit inside your drawers for easy and quick access. Now you can have all the cabinet space you need to keep your home tidy and organized.

Gentle on Skin

Liquid detergents can have harsh ingredients that can cause irritation. Which makes wearing fresh washed laundry more annoying than refreshing.

Earthwash’s formula can powerfully remove the toughest stains but stay gentle on skin. Making it ideal for your entire families clothes, young and old! 

Simple, Quick and Easy To Use

Using Earthwash is so easy. Just follow 3 simple steps:


Take one strip out of the box


Toss it in the washer with your clothes


Enjoy your fresh and clean clothes!

Deep Cleans Just as Good as Detergent

Many liquid detergents are about 90% water, that’s what you are paying for! Earthwash is made with zero fillers and concentrates instead on giving the cleaning power you need for effective washing, none of the price-bloating extras. You get the same (if not better) deep clean without all the hassle!

The moment a strip touches water, it instantly dissolves, activating into a powerful cleaning formula that fights tough stains and odors in clothes.

Will it Work on Any Washer?

Absolutely. Earthwash is 100% machine wash-friendly and works on any model—old or new: HE-washing machines, front-loaders, or top-loaders.

You can even use them in laundromat industrial machines or at coin-operated washers in apartment laundry rooms.

5 Reasons You Need Earthwash at Home

  • Powerful Stain Remover (Deep-cleans fabrics) 👚
  • Gentle on skin 👶
  • Saves Space (Frees up storage) 👐
  • Saves Time (No measuring: Just throw 1 sheet in) ⏱️
  • Convenient (No lifting, pouring, or lugging around) 🧘

Can Earthwash Really Replace Your Detergent?

Thousands of customers have already switched to the powerful and convenient detergent sheets. Here’s what they’re saying:

"I live in a small apartment. There's definitely not a lot of space for these giant plastic laundry detergent jugs. I hate how much room they take up in my cabinets, and I'm so excited that Earthwash doesn't take up any room. We're not going to pollute the oceans. We're not filling up landfills. They're compostable and it's so easy. I feel really good that I'm doing my part to help the Earth in this small way. "
Liz C.04/06/22

*This person was compensated for their review.

"It’s safe for sensitive skin. I have eczema. It has no parabens, no phosphates… I got this scentless version. Overall I’ve really enjoyed my experience. I’d be happy to continue using Earthwash. "
Ellie B.06/14/22

*This person was compensated for their review.

"Absolutely love love love this product. Still washing my way through the 5 boxes that I have got, but plan to buy more when I'm on my last box. "
Dawn C.04/12/22

"If you’re like me and you don’t have laundry in your building and you have to sometimes do laundry by hand, you can just rip it into a corner sheet or size it out based on the load of laundry you’re doing or if you’re handwashing in the sink, which happens quite a bit sometimes. "
Saturday L.04/21/22

*This person was compensated for their review.

"…so convenient to use, they literally take a load off of you… I don't have to worry about using those pods, which sometimes I can have them burst in my hand. I don't have to worry about juggling heavy bottles. "
Nalema R.04/04/22

*This person was compensated for their review.

"I love the fact that you throw one sheet in, and your clothes are clean and smelling fresh! "
Nancy A.09/17/21

"Thank you! It’s eco-friendly. It’s premeasured. It’s no-spill. It’s great. "
Rebecca L.06/17/21

*This person was compensated for their review.

"It’s a one-sheet, one-load type of deal. I have been obsessed with this. I’ve really seen the difference. "
Sabrina D.04/04/22

*This person was compensated for their review.

"It is amazing. I love using these. "
Juliet S.07/13/22

*This person was compensated for their review.

"This has amazing reviews on Amazon. It almost has, like, 500 5-star reviews, so I'm really excited to try it myself. Everyone is saying that it cleans just as well, if not better than eco-friendly laundry detergent. This is like literally an eighth of what one of my big laundry bottles cost. And I use organic laundry detergent and the bottles are still big. So really excited that this is going to take up way less space in my laundry cabinets. "
Tiffany B.04/08/22

*This person was compensated for their review.

"Love the price and the scent. "
Carmen B.09/09/21

"I absolutely love that there’s no measuring. Also they are super super clean… These are great for people with sensitive skin. It’s ridiculously simple. All you do: pop open your laundry machine, take the Earthwash strip and boom! You’re done. "
Benjie S.07/13/22

*This person was compensated for their review.

"This product is great and smells good, clean, and fresh. LOVE IT. It’s a little pricey, but it is well worth it. all natural. I will buy it again. It’s also safe for the environment. I totally agree on that one. So please try it out. It doesn't hurt to just try it. Enjoy enjoy MB "
Margaret B.04/10/21

"I’m sold. I’m a big fan of this product. You can actually conserve the strip. If you had let’s say a lighter load or a small load you can actually just cut it in half and then just place it into the washer. I’m a big proponent of saving the environment and being health-conscious and being friendly to what we’ve been given here on Earth and Earthwash is the type of company that believes in that. "
Daniel V.07/02/22

*This person was compensated for their review.

"Love that I can clean my clothes and not fill up the land fills with successive amount of plastics "
Cynthia H.04/14/21

"Life-changing. Why did I not get these before?! Heck, these clean better than my old laundry detergent! "
Sophie C.06/17/22

*This person was compensated for their review.

"Super light! Saves space, easy to use. Bye bye measuring, bye bye bulky boxes and plastic bottles, bye bye! Hello Earthwash! I love it! "
Deborah W.05/05/21

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Paper-thin, Saves Space

Powerful Cleaning Formula

No Pouring or Measuring

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